Stones sale

We offer a wide range of granite, marble and sandstone from the entire world. The stones that we offer in your hands are specially selected so as to be able to enjoy their unusual appearance, not only today but also in the distant future. All the stones which are in our catalog are the perfect stones that can be used indoors or outdoors. On special request, also we import these stones, which can not be found in our regular sales.

Installation and renovation

Many years of the presence at the craftstone market are vast experience which is so important during works associated with handling and the assembly of stones. As real specialists we will ensure that your business, home or garden will change its face for many years. Apart from making steps, windowsills, floors, countertops or stone cladding, we deal with the artistic treatment of stones and stone renovation and maintenance of the stone. In our offer you will find also a small garden architecture. We are able to make a lot from the stone in order to turn it in your satisfaction!


Of course, at any time we are offering help in choosing the stones from our comprehensive range. We will suggest which stone will be suitable in a given location and calculate the costs of purchasing and assembly. Also we will be able to advice you in cases related with “architectural details”. We can tell you about every rock with passion…